Friday, December 19, 2014

A Cocoon For Your Home: Smart Household Security

Cocoon Home Security is a tennis-ball-sized system that is enhanced with technology that detects unusual activity based on its analysis of infrasound. This smart device is enhanced with an HD camera, Wi-Fi, and motion sensors to create a “protective cocoon” inside your home. You’d be surprised that this teensy gadget not only secures a single room, but promises to guard your whole house.

The Cocoon security system is based on the study of infrasonics, the same stuff used to predict earthquakes by detecting sounds that out of range to the human ear. A step ahead of motion sensors, Cocoon’s Subsound technology identifies intruders through unusual infrasound activity. The technology works well throughout the house, through walls and floors of space.

There's no need to set it as you come and go, Cocoon uses smartphone location to know who's at home. Cocoon has no sensor batteries to replace and you can take it with you when you move.

Cocoon is pet-friendly and tunes itself to your environment to avoid false alarms so you can trust it to know when to alert you.  With Cocoon, you can check in on your home at any time.

Shortlisted for the 2014 London Design Award, the Cocoon is designed with functional yet polished flair. Its spherical shape and soft design reflect the idea of the system itself. It is made of superior quality materials, and includes a loud siren, a wide-angled camera, a microphone, and a motion detector, apart from the trademarked Subsound sensor.


  1. disorientate is not a word! it's disorient! come on


  3. Disorientate = UK English
    Disorient = US English

    It's a disorienting/-tating word!

  4. Jeez.. Can we focus on the product here instead of a stupid word? That's said, I wouldn't mind a couple of these babies in my house.

  5. Is it available for purchase? How much is it? Where can you get it? How are these not questions you answer in a new product article?