Friday, April 24, 2015

A Homely Wagon on Wheels

This cute, compact home is fully equipped and tastefully finished with the bare essentials. It’s the perfect mobile living space for people who like to be on the move.

20 square meter cozy wagon

The only source of heat is a wood stove

It's on wheels

The windows are placed so you can look out, but bypassers cant get at good look in

It measures around 2,5 x 8 meters

View from the kitchen

And from up above between the two "bedrooms" under the roof

The stairs are used for storage


And dining room in the same space

Next to the dining room is the living room

And lots af light through all the windows

Part of the kitchen

A little more kitchen

And the entire kitchen

The stairs are suitable for sitting

Overview of the rear end of the "house"

Cozy bedroom under to roof

And a playground in the other end.

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