Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The NBA MVP race is coming down to the wire

Steph Curry
The chase for this year’s MVP award is about as tight as it’s ever been, but if you had to call someone a leader, it would be Steph Curry. He’s offensively prolific, which he’s been for a while, but he’s combined that with the fact that he’s now a competent defender. He’s also shooting 48.7% from the field and better than every other player in the league from the stripe. The only thing that could hurt his case is the fact that the Warriors are so good at closing out games that he spends a lot of fourth quarters on the bench.

James Harden
On the other side, the bearded one is playing the entirety of Rockets games, as they aren’t nearly as dominant as the Warriors. He is also one of the most consistent and dangerous offensive threats in the league; he can score from wherever he needs to. He’s the first player to hit 200 threes and 700 free throws in a season, but his defensive shortcomings (even though he’s improved) might keep the trophy out of his hands.

LeBron James
King James put up another incredible season, and had the entire sad Eastern conference to pick on. But the trophy might not go his way for one reason; we get it. He’s picked the bar up so high that even an amazing season is lost on the people who watch it, as long as it’s him doing it. Sorry LeBron, you should have shit the bed a couple years to make yourself better by comparison.

Russell Westbrook
With both Durant and Ibaka out for long stretches of the second half of the season, Westbook has played like a man possessed. He averaged just short of a triple-double in February, and only Oscar Robertson has ever put up those types of numbers. He can be erratic and ineffective at times though, and the fact that the Thunder finished where they did could hurt him.

Anthony Davis
Davis and his brow have been astoundingly productive this year, with only MJ, Wilt the Stilt, and LeBron James ever logging higher efficiency ratings than him. But he’s young, often injured, and on a very mediocre team, so he’ll have to wait for his time.

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