Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Only Animals in Nature Know How to Hide Away in Plain Sight

We think we have camouflage nailed but these animals take it to the next level.

It's white in front of you. The bird with two beady eyes.

On the right. The giraffe.

On the left beside the tree, the wolf.

On the left, spot the eyes.

Look to the right, the owl

To the left, a parrot.

Spot those eyes in the middle. Snake hiding in the desert sand. I no longer wanna roll down a sand dune.

Look at the right bottom. Can you spot the leopard?

A falcon among the rocks, to your left.

Squirrel on the rocks.

That tree has eyes. Probably the last living Ent.

Spotted deer. They are tasty.

It's white out there. The bird white in front of you. Ok, I'll leave now.

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