Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Turn an Old Tank into a Kick-Ass Pizza Oven

"I pulled this old reverse osmosis water tank out of the recycle bin at work. I thought I could give it a better life."
"Started grinding the paint off, turns out there was 20+ years of paint on it."
"4hrs later, I got all the paint off."
"I cut some doors on it and cut an old fridge cart in half so I could use it as legs."

"I cut a hole in the top for exhaust and welded a piece of 3 inch pipe on top."

"I added grates on top and bottom in the cooking area, So I could put a pizza stone on top to reflect the heat back down to the pizza."
"I bought some welding hammers and cut the heads off to use as handles."



  1. If the end result is your pizza looking like doughy shit roadkill, then your re-purposing is a big fail.