Saturday, June 13, 2015

This man has perfected the dry aged ribeye

Imgur user threxx shares his method for dry aging a rib roast and cooking it to perfection. He starts with a 15 pound USDA prime rib roast from Costco and removes the original packing to place it in an Umai Dry Age bag. The whole piece of meat goes in the refrigerator on a rack for 30-60 days. Then the fun begins…

threxx notes that it is important to let the meat warm up to room temperature.

Place a chimney starter on top of a pizza stone or other ceramic cooking stone. Fill the chimney starter about halfway with charcoal.

He recommends using a blow torch and shop towel instead of a match and newspaper to light the coals.  

Place the steak under the chimney starter for about 2-3 minutes to sear the steak.

Now move the steak to the top and grill to perfection.

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  1. How odd.
    You dry age a roast for two months, then cut it into steaks and cook it over a charcoal starter???