Friday, July 24, 2015

This Authentic Prohibition Era Whiskey Is Quite a Collector’s Item Today

The US prohibition run from 1920 to 1933 and most people could not afford to drink during this time. This box of whiskey might not still be good for drinking but it is definitely a fun piece of history to collect.

24 pints, totaling 3 gallons of Bottled in Bond (100 proof) medicinal rye whiskey that was barreled in the fall of 1921 and bottled in the spring of 1933.

The full case. The outer box is extremely heavy and sturdy, made somewhat like putting sheet after sheet of paper together and then submerging them together in glue. The inner dividers are more like cardboard of today.

Three of the bottles, with tax stamps shown and the disintegrating dosage cups which were used to pour and drink.

Two distributor labels were added, one covering the bottom portion of the original back label.

One of the labels was partially peeled off, showing the phrase 'For Medicinal Purposes Only...' on the original label. These bottles were filled and labeled in the spring of 1933, and then after prohibition ended in December 1933, the additional labels were likely added prior to distribution.

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