Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ella & Pitr’s Giant Murals of Sleeping People

French street artist duo Ella and Pitr, from the city of Saint-Etienne, has created a name for themselves in the world of street art over the past decade with their storybook-like illustrations of giant sleeping characters. While other street artists take to vertical walls, for Ella and Pitr, the ground is their canvas.
Ella & Pitr met in 2007 and decided to combine their talents. Their first pieces were drawn on paper with Chinese ink, which were then pasted onto walls, lending to their moniker “les Papiers Peintres” or the Paper Painters. Later they started painting on rooftops, airplane runways, and even huge grassy fields. Their strange family of characters include sunbathing grandmas, napping winged boys, and children dreaming in their beds sprawled across hundreds of square meters that can only be appreciated in their entirety from the air.

Their latest mural is reportedly the largest outdoor mural in the world to date at 226,040 square feet. Titled “Lilith and Olaf”, the piece illustrates a curled-up woman with a small figure dropping from her fingers. The figure is King Olaf I of Norway, who ruled the country from 995-1000. The mural is located on the outskirts of Stavanger and was created to mark the 15th Anniversary of Stavanger’s Nuart Festival which will be officially ‘opened’ to the public on September 4th, 2015.

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