Tuesday, September 1, 2015

13 Amazing HD Images From Science World Gathered By Royal Photographic Society

The nature surrounding us is sublime and beautiful, the fact is also proved by these images taken from a collection of 100 new images related to science that would be on display in an exhibition to held by the Royal Photographic Society.
We see a diverse yet stunning photos like the one showing the moment is burst by a finger. The microscopic beauty of lemongrass slice. The delicacy and the detail with which silk moth caterpillar’s breathing tract has been made. How is the skin of the sea cucumber like. The picture of Andromeda Galaxy is a testament to the vastness and beauty of our universe. We also see a detailed photo of tornia which is infact the larvae of a marine animal having microscopic size.
As highlighted by the director general of Royal Photographic Society Dr Michael Pritchard, detailed and specialized photography is very important to the scientists as they can play a key role in the diagnosis of medical conditions, can help describe important concepts in research papers, as well as,  used in presentations.  It may seem that some of these images are a part of science fiction but in fact it is the real world in which we live in.
The history of the Royal Photographic Society goes back to 1853 and since then it has been active in its work. Similar exhibitions were also held in 2011 and 2013, the show of 2015 would be even more successful thanks to the experience of the past.

The moment a bubble is burst using finger

What looks like as branches of a tree are in fact the delicate breathing tubes of silk moth caterpillar

3D image of the head skull of hammer head shark reconstructed using revolutionary X-ray scanning technology

Stunning beauty of Andromeda Galaxy M31 at 2.5 million light years from earth captured using a telescope on earth

A microscopic close up of leaves of hydrangea

Camera captures the exact moment a fungus bursts to release spores

Stunning image of endangered tope shark foetus

A microscopic image showing a slice of lemongrass

Closeup of tornaria plankton

X-ray Scan of Stag Beetle

This image that may appear to come from science fiction is in fact x-ray scan of Thornback Ray

Image captured using electron microscope reveals the structure of spaghetti

This is how the skin of sea cucumber looks like at microscopic level

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