Saturday, January 21, 2017

Floating Cabin Lets Nature-Lovers Sleep in the Treetops of Sweden

 If you’ve ever dreamed of cuddling up in a contemporary treehouse, the 7th Room Treehotel may be your new favorite getaway. Designed by Snøhetta—a design office that dabbles in landscaping, architecture, interiors, and brand design—the floating bungalow is tucked away in Northern Sweden and perfectly positioned for a sweeping view of the Northern Lights.
The 7th Room is elevated by twelve 10-meter stilts and is beautifully built around the towering trunk of a pine tree. Its cabin-like exterior presents a modern spin on traditional, wood-rich Nordic architecture, which contrasts its clean, crisp, and contemporary interior. Guests access the 55-square-meter cottage ht: stairs. Once they’ve hiked to the top, they are warmly welcomed by two cozy bedrooms, a chic lounge, a bathroom, and a unique, netted terrace—a perfect place to lazily lounge and catch a glimpse at the Aurora Borealis light show above.
 The 7th Room is one of 6 raised cabins built by Treehotel, a company that creates gorgeous getaways in the middle of unspoiled nature. Like all of Treehotel’s lodges, the 7th Room was designed with its surroundings in mind, a goal that is particularly evident in its panoramic windows and the camouflaged picture of pine trees on its underbelly. “The design of the 7th room aims to bring people and nature closer together, extending the cabin’s social spaces to the outside and further blending the distinction between indoor and outdoor,” writes Snøhetta. “With its wooden characteristics and unique location in the treetops, the 7th room is a celebration of the Nordic cabin and the pine tree forest.”
  The 7th Room Treehotel in Sweden lets visitors sleep in treetops.

  A staircase leads guests to their aerial getaway.

  The treehotel provides spectacular views of the surrounding area.

  It’s accommodating indoors, too.

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