Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Very Impressive & Stunning Storm Photos by Mike Olbinski

The greatest number of tornadoes recorded in the North American continent. This is where the photographer Mike Olbinski chasing large supercell and tornado passing many thousands of miles every year.
Photographer Mike Olbinski spends almost all of his free-time capturing extreme weather formations, including explosive lightning storms and vast supercells. These powerful images are among the best he has snapped over the last four years in states including Arizona, Kansas and Texas”.

Very Impressive & Stunning Storm Photos by Mike Olbinski that convey the beauty and the incredible power of nature.

Sandstorm in Phoenix.

Vymyaobraznye clouds in Nebraska. Because of his sinister appearance “vymyaobraznye” clouds are often seen as harbingers of an impending storm or hurricane.
Lightning in Arizona. The current strength in the discharge of lightning on Earth reaches 10-500 thousand amperes, the voltage – from tens of millions to a billion volts.
Gorgeous supercell in South Dakota.
 Lightning in New Mexico. The longest zip was recorded in Oklahoma in 2007. Its length was 321 km. Longest lightning was detected in the Alps. Its length was 7.74 seconds.
The tornado in Oklahoma.
Ominous sunset in the Grand Canyon.
supercell in Texas. Supercell – the most highly organized storm cloud. Superyacheykovye clouds are relatively rare.
supercell in Colorado.
supercell in Texas.
Lightning series. By the way, the lightning most often occur in the tropics. The place where the lightning are the most common, is the village Kifuka in the mountains in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There’s an average of notes 158 lightning strikes per square kilometer per year.
According to early estimates, the frequency of lightning strikes in the world is 100 times per second. According to recent data provided by satellites that can detect lightning in places where ground monitoring is not conducted, this frequency is an average of 44 ± 5 ​​times per second, which corresponds to approximately 1.4 billion lightning strikes per year.
Lightning is an electrical explosion, and in some aspects similar to the detonation of the explosive. It causes a shock wave, the danger in the immediate vicinity.
Storm with lightning in Kansas. Remember the Wizard of Oz?
MAMMATUS in Texas.
supercell in Texas.
Sunset, lightning and a rainbow.
 Dusty sunset.
According to some data, each year in the world die of 24 000 people and about 240 thousand lightning injured According to other estimates, in the year in the world of lightning killed 6,000 people.
American Roy Sullivan, an employee of the National Park, known for the fact that for 35 years has been struck by lightning seven times and survived.
Deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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