Saturday, February 4, 2017

26 Striking Photos That Had No Help From Photoshop

The sky’s reflection looking like a portal to another world

Little watermelon

A stunning thunderstorm


Inside a guitar

This is how snow falls in the Altai

At the bottom of the metropolis


The artists’ academy

The Chinese art of the crowd


The road that stopped a fire



Flying under the moon


Thunderstorm formation — view from a plane from 11,000 meters


A turtle covered in algae



Thor appears in Novorossiysk



Shining mountain


A rocket’s flight

A regiment of soldiers on a morning exercise in Chinese province Heilongjiang



Sometimes a stone can break a windshield beautifully



A white border between Italy and Switzerland


How rain looks through a porthole



What’s hidden under the icebergs


A firefall at sunset


... and the game stopped

Japanese synchronized swimmer Saho Harada


An airplane carrying a rainbow

Pancake ice


Solar eclipse in Canyon de Chelly nature reserve, Arizona


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